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So, my brother has had this gift certificate from Academy burning a hole in his pocket since his wedding 2 months ago. I had convinced him before to get a fishing kayak so that he could join my dad and I on our kayaking adventures! Well, today we drove up to Academy together this morning and picked up a new Ocean Kayak Scrambler XT.

Of course, we went straight to the coast afterwards to try out the new toy! On the way there, we picked up Dad decided to go out to Galveston West Bay and try out the area near South Deer Island and Confederates Reef. The tide was pretty low today and the wind was not too bad. We launched our kayaks at the end of Sportsmans Road. We got onto the water around 1:45 pm. There we met a friendly, seasoned kayaker named "Charles" and he told us that the water was great, however, he hadn't had any luck all day. I guess that news didn't bother once I saw how clear and green the water was! Anyways, I asked Charles a little more about the area and he told me where I could find some deeper water to fish in. He showed me where Confederates Reef was and then we parted ways. I looked out and saw a few boats and other kayakers in the area around the reef.

Here's my Bro on his Maiden Voyage:

After fishing for about an hour without a single bite, I decided to do a little exploring while my Dad and Henry were fishing around. I headed off towards the southern tip of S. Deer Island. I was really surprised to see the water so clear. I was able to see the oyster covered bottom at depths of around 5 to 7 feet. I got to the south side of the island and it was very calm. I witnessed what appeared to be a Mother & Son Team working the oyster beds and sight casting:

After exploring for about half an hour, I met up my Dad and Henry on the island to check out some of the birds and also observe some of the debris left behind by Hurricane Ike. Here's a couple of pictures of us landing on the island:

Anyone know what type of bird this is?

I found a pretty good little Shakespeare tackle box on the island. It was empty except for a couple of rusty old jigs. It looked like one of those starter fishing kits you can buy. Anyway, Henry took it since he needed it for his new kayak. Along with the tackle box, I found a bunch of other stuff such as Propane tanks, frisbees, mailboxes, etc. I wish there was someway to get all this stuff cleaned up. Maybe some type of volunteering opportunity for kayakers?!?

The wind started to pick up a little around 4:30 pm so we decided to head back to the launch site before it got cold and dark. On the way back, I casted a Gulp 3" Shrimp (New Penny) and slowly bounced it off the bottom. I felt a tug and thought it was an oyster shell... since that's what I was catching all day! Anyway, this flattie turned up instead!

Anyway, a couple of more casts later, I ended up breaking my line on some shells. I secured my line and THOUGHT that I had put my rod back in the holder... when I got back, I noticed that I only had one rod on the kayak! Apparently, I lost it on the way back to the launch site... Hence, the title of this blog! If anyone out there finds a Shimano Reel somewhere on the Southeast side of Deer Island and Sportsmans Road launch site, there's a small reward in it for ya! Oh well, I guess I know what to ask the wife for my birthday next month! In the meantime, I'm going to invest in some extended rod holders and rod leashes. A little insurance to prevent the Dumb Ass Tax I just paid for this trip!

Also, I just recently got a Eagle Cuda 250 GPS/FF that I found on sale at Academy. I'm going to try to rig it up sometime over the next month or so... and hope that I will find some opportunity to get back out on the water soon, if the weather or WIFE permits! ;-) Dad and I got stuck in the fog on our last trip a couple weeks back near Cold Pass. It was kind of scary when you don't know where you are on the water. That's what drove me to get this nifty little gadget.

Happy New Years!

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Comment by Rick K. on January 1, 2009 at 5:50pm
Hey, we're in the same area! I was heading to Confederate on the 29th, but the wind was just too bad so we fished the marsh instead. I'll keep an eye out for your rod and reel, and yes, it is an oyster catcher. Oh, and check out the rod floats Academy has.
Comment by Geoff Jennings on December 31, 2008 at 12:19pm
And I know what you mean about GPS/fog. I bought one after a somewhat terrifying paddle from Oxnard to Anacapa Island. The fog horns from the ships in the shipping channel were some of the scariest sounds i've ever heard.
Comment by Geoff Jennings on December 31, 2008 at 12:18pm
Yup. That's probably it. I should have thought to check the Oyster Catchers. We have black Oyster Catchers in SoCal and Northern Baja, but I hadn't seen one with that coloration.
Comment by Curtisb on December 31, 2008 at 12:17pm
That happened to me years ago with a penn reel i had. I snagged a big Gar and it wrapped the line around its body and took off. Sorry for your loss man.
Comment by Toby on December 31, 2008 at 9:29am
Check out American Oyster Catcher on Whatbird.com. I think this is the one... and considering the amount of oyster beds I was in, it makes sense!
Comment by Geoff Jennings on December 31, 2008 at 9:20am
Looks like the bitd is some kind of rail or snipe, but I can't find one in Whatbird.com with that distinctive orange beak.
Comment by Face on December 30, 2008 at 10:41pm
SUUUUCKS... well, now we all know what to get for your birthday! Happy new years bro!



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