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Shhhh....I'm working

The day started like any other. Up at 5 AM. Pets watered and fed. Coffee made. Pants, shirt, drive to work. But then, something happened. You see, a plan had been formed. And after finishing my
morning rehearsal and taking care of a couple of small details at work,
I’ve left a stack of neatly prepared notes and visuals for my sub and
sneaked out, ninja style.

Exiting the building...ninja style

I’m not sick. And I’m not even pretending to be. And even though I was stealthy about my exit, I’m actually taking a legal absence called a personal day. Why? Because it’s Friday, it’s sunny today, and it’s going to be raining tomorrow. Suck it work! I’m going
to the river!

If you look really close you can see me army crawling through the bushes towards my car

In my job, there is no such thing as overtime or comp time. Everyday is full of unpaid hours for me. A typical day is twelve to fourteen hours. Many sunny afternoons my boating buddies ceremoniously
pour out a booty full of river water for their homie stuck at work.
But not today!

We have sick days, and we have scheduled vacation days. But we also have personal days. What the heck is a personal day you ask? No one seems to really know. You only get a couple a year, and the form is
kind of ambiguous. They aren’t for medical appointments. You use a
sick day for that. They aren’t for going to the post office. That’s
what you do at lunch when no one is looking. And they definitely
aren’t for staying home and mowing your lawn, no matter how often your
neighbor makes comments about your dandelion plantation.

Sorry about your wife Doug, I guess I SHOULD mow my lawn.

Nope. My buddy Mike summed it up best. He said, “Zach, sometimes you just have to tell people at work, ‘Man, I got shit to do!’ and then take off”. That is exactly what is going down today. I can’t possibly
get everything done on Saturday and Sunday, especially since most
weekends involve work related events.

The car is packed and we are getting the hell out of Dodge. I’ve shed a tear for my students but quickly caught it with my tongue as it traveled down my cheek. Might need that bit of hydration when I’m
floating down the Youghiogheny today…

You can't get a smile like this at work!

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