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I didn't know this site had a place to blog. That's kinda neat. This whole site has changed in the few weeks since I found it. I'm enjoing it so far, just with there were more fishing folks here. I'm sure that will change with time, it looks like this place is just starting.

I think I'll write my fishing reports here, time of day, temps, bait, etc. I'll even write location until I get potlicked. No potlickers allowed.  Update:  On July 25, 2011 someone posted a link to my blog on TKF.  It's been a good run, but everything from now on will be restricted to my friends.

So, here's the first report.

Last Saturday, I headed out with the PACK group, a local kayak fishing club to Salt Lake. It is a tidal marsh lake abt. 50 miles SW of Houston. Launched just after 7 am with my fishing partner Alex and his friend from work, Glen. We drifted the west shoreline for a while using a pumpkinseed gulp swimming mullet. I had a couple of hits, but nothing would commit. Found some reds crashing bait along the shoreline, still wouldn't take the bait. Changed to a pearl swimming mullet, landed a rat red. Not what I was looking for. So, with that I caught up to the other two and we decided to head for Nick's cut. Of course, since Nick's lake is just off the Intracoastal and the Nick's cut is just a short jaunt from there, the place was covered up with powerboats. Along the way, I jammed my rudder, so I paddled over to the shore to fix it while Alex and Glen fished the cut. They didn't get anything, so they paddled over and I got my rudder fixed. We then decided to drift up along the east shore of Salt Lake. Along the way, Glen decided he'd get out and wade. Alex and I continued our drift. I found a little bit of structure and tossed out a popping cork with a gulp shrimp (natural color) attached. Two pops and fish on!! It was a nice upper slot red. Unfortunately, it was a short fight as I apparently have problems tying good knots. He got away with my hook and bait. So, I tied another on, double checked the knot, same bait and a few pops later, another fish on. It was another upper slot red. He was stripping drag and pulling me all over the place. After a few good runs I finally tired him out enough to bring to the net. This was about 11 am. I called over Alex to take a pic, and let the red go. I later found out that Alex hadn't gotten the shot before I let the fish go. After that we met up for lunch, Glen had one on but was too far from his net and when he went to grab the fish, it made one last run and pulled the hook out. After lunch, we moved over to the weir. There were lots of mullet around, I had a couple of bites, but nothing wanted to commit. Alex foul-hooked a hardhead (better him than me). Glen didn't even get any bites. But by now it was about 1 pm and the wind was starting to pick up so we headed in. All fish caught in water 12-18 inches deep, water temp was in the upper 80's. Air temp was in the mid 90's. Calm wind in the morning. Slight breeze when fish were caught. The two upper slot reds were found over mud/shell at the transition point.

I was planning on going today, but Alex called up last night and had to cancel. I also got stuck doing errands for wife and school, so had to call off today. I will go tomorrow, the solunar tables say that it's going to be a good day and will also be a 4 tide day. Not sure where yet, maybe lower Drum bay, maybe Stingaree marsh. I'll play it by ear and weather.


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Comment by Geoff Jennings on August 14, 2008 at 11:01am
We'd certainly welcome more fishermen! Use the "Invite" feature to invite any you know.
Nice blog post.



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