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My husband and I are new to paddling, we've taken it out locally to a couple of area lakes. We bought our kayaks in 2008 and used them for a few months before we put them away due to time/family constraints. We haven't had them out since the summer of 2009 so we are looking forward to getting them on the water.

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Check out http://www.paddling.net/places/
- Have you taken any kayaking instruction ?
No, I was just looking online at some of the kayak clubs activities...they have roll practice etc. I am thinking hubby and I will check those out. Like I said we've paddled around the local lakes and took them out to a river in a state park, but that's it.
The Lower Mt. Fork River is right on the Texas / Oklahoma border in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. There are a number of great paddling trip options in this area. LMF River paddling.

You can enjoy seasonal big whitewater drops on the Upper Mt. Fork River, year-round Class I-II rapids on the Lower Mountain Fork River as well as awesome flatwater paddling at Beavers Bend Resort Park.
wow, good information thanks.
Also, I hear The Dallas Downriver Club is meeting up on March 27 for an Urban Paddle Trip on White Rock Lake.




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