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Hello Urban Water geeks. I'm trying to find out what all the cool urban kayaking opportunity is in this country, and abroad. I can't seem to find much on that. I live in Portland, Oregon and we have a considerable amount of opportunity within 20 minutes in either direction.

Where do you live? What are the lakes, sloughs, rivers, etc....?

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The Detroit River and it's an international border between Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario, Canada



I live in Chicago and kayaking the Chicago River was absolutely amazing! There was lots of wildlife farther north, near Irving Park Rd. but nothing compares to the transition from natural, to the urban landscape of the enormous skyscrapers.

I have not however found too much info regarding urban Chicago kayaking, other than overpriced tour companies. Any suggestions for opportunnities in this area would be appreciated.


I live in Los Angeles and have just started up in this sport. I did an intro moonlight paddle in the Marina with REI and another up near Sacramento. I have bought a used Skerray and Perception Whiplash(whitewater and too squirley for me yet), I did a little run in the small boat on the American and found I need to take some instruction there. Now I took it to a small damned lake(Castaic) but they charged me 12.00 to park the car and 5.00 to launch. This isn't Polo, I think I should be able to find spots that are reasonable, the American was 5.00 and 1.00. Can anyone suggest some places?




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