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Hello Urban Water geeks. I'm trying to find out what all the cool urban kayaking opportunity is in this country, and abroad. I can't seem to find much on that. I live in Portland, Oregon and we have a considerable amount of opportunity within 20 minutes in either direction.

Where do you live? What are the lakes, sloughs, rivers, etc....?

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Well, I live in Sacramento, so the paddling around here is plentiful. We have several major rivers near us. About 10 minutes from my house there is flatwater paddling on the Lower American river and the Sacramento river. Right by downtown. A bit further away is some Class I moving water stuff, and several big lakes. 45 minutes away, you get classic whitewater runs, like the NF American and SF american. Draw a 2 hour circle, and there are hundreds of rivers, from mild to very extreme, tons of gorgeous mountain lakes, and the SF bay area for all the ocean and surf play!
I'm in an area of Houston, TX called Clear Lake. Houston's nickname is the Bayou City and we have plenty of water around. None of it is whitewater, but we do have some very fine areas of flatwater very close that are fun to explore. About 5 minutes from my house, there is Armand Bayou. It is an almost prehistoric looking place. I have only paddled it once, but I plan to return. 10 minutes from my house is the Seabrook Flats, Clear Lake, and Clear Creek. The flats can get exciting when a shipwave comes in. Further south, about 20 minutes away there is the Texas City Dike. It is a 2 lane road that juts 5 miles out into the middle of Galveston Bay. On one side is a nice, easy paddling/fishing area. On the other side is the Texas City Petrochemical Complex with refineries such as BP, Marathon, and others. Further away, we have Galveston East and West bays, Trinity bay, Christmas Bay, Drum Bay, and a host of bayous and marsh all within an hour's drive. It is a wonderful place to paddle. I have had the kayak for a little over a year and have explored many of these places, but I'm not sure I can explore it all in a lifetime.

Hi, I live in Morro Bay which is located on the central coast of California, about midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, at the bottom end of Big Sur. I posted another comment in this group giving the url to a website I created which shows the estuary and has additional information about the area. It is http://www.mbwildlife.bayshaman.com
I like the website. I love the central California coast. I'm originally from LA and would escape up north of Santa Barbara as often as I could.
Hiya neighbor, great website. I too echo your love for paddling in our area! Lots of flatwater paddling in the estuary, couple nearby lakes and plenty of open ocean. We are blessed!

In the spirit of Urban Water few weeks ago when the rains were dumping huge and the AG Creek was near flood stage some friends and I ran that from a very urabn put in all the way to the ocean - with only one portage!

Not something for everybody I know but it was about as urban as paddling as I have and prolly will ever do. It was one of those goofy adventures that I had to do at least once.
HELLO !!! I live in NC[on the East coast]between Durham& Greensborro],and just "below" I-40/85,in a LIL town called Mebane- - really thats it the area code is 27302- look it up!!!I paddle on the HAW river[more like a creek,and can paddle all the way to Jordan lake 15miles away[3dams & a sh-tload of "downed"trees.I live within 35 miles on the DAN river,the ENO river,also several great-to-paddle lakes.
Cool. My in-laws are in Wilmington and I am trying to get out on the intercoastal and local creeks.
I live in Lovely New Jersey ( Exit 80 GSP) Where I'm at Im about 3 blocks from the Barnagate Bay and about a mile from the Toms River (It actually ends at the bay but the fresh water part is where I like to go) I also live about a mile from Cedar River (Also ends in the bay) So I have plenty of Urban paddling. The Toms river is long but often blocked by fallen trees and garbage. It's a shame because it is a nice paddle when it's clear. here are some photos of it
Well, I don't live in "this" country, but I do paddle a lot in urban waters. In the winter time I live in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I paddle a lot in the canals and in the harbour, and in the summer time I do guided tours for tourists in Venice, Italy. It can hardly be more "urban waters" than that :-)

You certainly won't get any sympathy from us. You have a good thing se tup . Can you camp along the canals in Denmark?
The canals, both in Venice and in Copenhagen, are in the middle of a city, so neither is a good choice for camping.
There are these great oxbows that not too many people know of in Osoyoos B.C. Canada. In the South Okanagan of BC Canada. My friend and I paddled part of them last summer.

Find more photos like this on http://kayak-okanaganvalleybc.ning.com In Osoyoos B.C. there are these beautiful oxbows in the original river that feeds Lake Osoyoos. Here is a few pictures of our trip through the oxbows on June 14th 2008.

My Osoyoos Oxbows Album. These are pics of Robin Dunham and myself June14th 2008. Attached is my GPX file for your GPS. Don't feed the animals.

Find more videos like this on KAYAK Okanagan Valley - a GuyThaLizard Network
Find more videos like this on KAYAK Okanagan Valley - a GuyThaLizard Network
OxbowsGTL - Osoyoos Oxbows.GPX




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