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I was paddling last Saturday in the Swamp. Then i got to an area that was open and there was geese nesting on top of muskrat houses, I really didnt think anything of it then i was all of the sudden i heard a hissing noise and their was a goose behind me nesting. I went to go paddle away from it then then he came after me and i hit him with my paddle. It was crazy.

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That happen to me last june, i was jogging and did not notice her and the gosling behind her. i went from a slow jog to a full out run.
Yeah, Geese can be territorial and brave.

little do they know, they are tasty as well. Annoying and tasty is bad combo for survival.
So Far, So Good - not been attacked yet. However, I know those geese can get very aggressive.

Once when I was out kayaking I turned out of a lake into a stream that went through a marsh area. There was a large swan feeding in the shallows there. I corrected course and quietly drifted near him while I readied my cell phone to take a picture. He calmly watched as i approached within 5 feet of him...

When I took the pic, my cell make a "shutter" clicking noise. Swan didn't like that and he hissed quite menacingly at me and started to move in... Of course, I got out of there quickly. Seated in my cockpit he had a large height advantage...




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