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I am currently surfing with a cobra strike and am very interested in the infinity waveski. I was hoping someone who has one could let me know about its performance...does it rip?

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I'm not huge into Waveskis, I mostly surf my surf kayaks, but I picked up an infinity surftech 9'6"2 weeks ago at the waveski championships. I think you'd be blown away by the speed, but even more than that, the turning ability of the ski versus your Strike. Hopefully Val will chime in, I think he's owned a Strike at one point.

But I think you'd be amazed at the performance.

I have only tried a couple of infinity skis and they were really good. I tried a ski made for Mike Johnson by Infinity called a Phat Mako --- that was more a cruiser-the Strike is more fun. Steve B. can make the ski do what you want it to do if you talk to him, but some people have told me that he tends to be kind of biased towards making skis that surf well at San Onofre but not other places. The stinger model I surfed was pretty hot and easier to paddle out than my shorter australian style skis, I was not a very good paddle surfer when I tried it. (not that I am great now, but I have improved a lot.) Stinger is definitely a step up from the cobra strike and definitely rips in the right hands. It has a funny groove on the rail, and the rail has a curled over edge that acts like a fin, that is similar to the idea of the strike but much higher performance. I think he makes a hotter ski called a mosquito ... have not surfed one of those, but a guy that surfs at Cardiff Reef where I live has one and he rips. In Maine with choppy surf you might go for one of the Mike Johnson Model skis based on the mini mako or mako hull outline. It would definitely be fun.
On Boatertalk/surfzone or uswaveski.com forum Rick Haley from Texas bought a Mike Johnson model infinity ski ... he loves it... he used to paddle a Mini Mako surf kayak. I am thinking about selling my Aquarius surf kayak and buying a Stinger --- don't really want to give up the kayak but I have too many surf toys for my garage to hold and waveskis seem to be much more acceptable in the crowded line ups around here.
You mean this 'Phat Mako?'

Yea 'more of a cruiser.' Not very high performance. The 'Strike is more fun.'
That's why this guy thought too....


You could probably surf a rubbermaid trashcan and make it look good.

"You could probably surf a rubbermaid trashcan and make it look good."

That's what I was thinking .....

and for those of you that don't get the joke ...

Waveski Freestyle Merv Class
1st Place Jim Grossman, Ca.
2nd Place Chuck Menzel, Ca.
3rd Place Mike Harrington, Ca.
4th Place William Luhrs, Ca.

But I don't think that's the Phat Mako .... It was about twice as thick...
Oh. I thought Mike always called this board the Phat Mako. But I can only imagine what something twice as thick would surf like. Umm, kinda like a Strike, but worse...




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