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Elkhorn River KY Weekend. 850 cfs April 25th 2009
Roger picked me up Friday the 24th at 8am. After we loaded my Gear we looked at the gage reading in Rainsville posted for the Big Pine. The Gage was at -0-, not what I was hoping for but not the Worst thing in the world. We decided to Drive down and maybe play a little on s-turn wave. As we left Michigan the Weather just got Warmer as we went south. Got to the Big Pine around 1ish, S turn was pretty low and the wave wasn’t looking that great so we decide to forgo paddling and do some searching for flat Rock River. Roger drove us to the Put in and we looked and saw a Small low head Dam. We followed the river around in the country roads. Some nice WW features for the Next trip down south maybe. After looking around Indiana we decided to head south to Frankfort KY and get checked in to our hotel.
Sat morning we got up and walked outside 8 am in Shorts. Yep shorts. So as we packed our things up in the hotel the weather was just getting warmer out. We headed to get some Food and then to Put in to drop off boats. At the put in a group pulled in behind us. Roger asked if they could help with the shuttle (or we were going to have the local outfit help Canoe Kentucky) they said no Problem. Well as they ran the shuttle I talked to a couple from the group and they told me about the River. I was really excited. We got on the river around 1105. We paddled to the First wave and started surf and got into the eddy. Roger was explaining about how to ferry across the river. So I started to do this, I have to remember to stay loose. After we did this a couple times I was very happy with the outcome. We started to work on the eddy peal. The first couple times I did this I was doing it wrong I was leaning upstream on paddle. Roger corrected this by saying edge and lean on paddle down river side. So I tried it his way and WOW what a difference made it super easy. Talk about a confidence Boost wow that was awesome (thanks Roger). As we got to the low head damn we had to portage left. We carried our boats around the portage and when you got back in you had to ferry out to a rock then do an eddy peal to make it past the big standing waves. Looking from shore I was a little nervous about this, but I made it with no problems. As we paddled down river we played and surfed and did some eddy work. We came up to S-turn and that was the first time I blasted into a wave they hit me in the shoulders (Very excited). We talked and Laughed about the sunny 90 degree weather. I had to keep dipping helmet in water to keep me cool. It sucks I know but someone has to do it. About 2/3rds the way down the river we came to a cool section. Roger was in front of me. I saw him go up a wave then down. Well on the down side I lost him. I started to paddled went up the first wave said oh Sh^& as I saw what I was going to hit. I could feel my eyes get Bigger as I started to go after this huge standing wave. I hit it and no problem just went right throw it. I laughed and Screamed like a little school girl with spiders and mice by her. The river was great you would Paddle for about 100-200 yards flat water then you would get some WW. The run is about 5 miles long. We got to the end and packed up and Left to come home at 420ish in 91 degrees. Arrived in Holland with Thunderstorm and 53 degrees at 1030. So we need to figure out a way to fix Michigan weather.

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Sounds live VERY good fun. Glad you had a good and safe time.




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