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Need Boatman for private 18 day Grand Canyon thip put in 9-15-09

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Wow, I so wish I could go then. Such an amazing place and I can't wait to go back.
Can you suggest anyone?
I'll think about it....

Can you describe the trip, what you're looking for, expectations, etc?
It's an eclectic trip of 13 (including desired boatman) based on a core of people from Sonoma County. I am bringing my 18' Avon and rather that bring our smaller boats we are renting two more 18 footers. The second boatman worked the Canyon in the 70's and has been down 15 times. We were sure we could find a friend to take the third boat but nobody can get away. We were thinking maybe some kid who has been rowing gear boats down California rivers. I was awed by a gal threading an 18' gear boat down the Toulunme a couple years ago. We would give them a free ride in exchange for some kitchen duties.
We have two boatmen for three boats. We have four people leaving at Phantom. My son can get the third boat to Phantom, but he is leaving to get back to school. Another possibility is someone could hike in at Phantom and meet us 9-21 for the really big water below.




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