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I'd like to give a plug to Current Adventures for an excellent experience. They were recommended to me by a friend who told me taking RK1 and RK2 would get me to the point where I could paddle confidently with his club and he was right. Alex and Jason taught me some great skills, and I was surprised how quickly we progressed. I plan on taking RK2 and RK3 with them next season, and will try to hone the skills I can remember the rest of this season. They are very good at getting the best out of you and getting you comfortably out of your comfort zone. You will gain confidence in your abilities, and step up your game. Their instructors are excellent! The supply all the gear too, which makes it really easy to try this sport. Now that I'm hooked, I'm trying to get all my friends to try it!

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And, Dan Crandall, the owner, is an incredible supporter of the sport. He also owns the River Store, and runs the incredible River Shuttle service. Huge assets to the community. And supports this site!

I don't know when he sleeps.




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