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   Hey guys, I recently began kayaking in febuary of this year but ive been fishing since I was 3 years old. Im 20 now and I got into kayaking after reading that it was one of the fastest growing fishing styles. I love the fact that you can load up and go out to the lake in no time and even alone if no one is available. This july I went on my first ever kayak river fishing and overnight trip.

I realize now that i probably packed way too much gear, especially since I lost almost all of it and was lucky to get out with my life. I was just gonna see if anyone had made a similar trip and realized what gear was necissarry and what was just dead weight?

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Lucky to get out with your life?  Sounds like a great lesson learned (hopefully).  What happened?


I take day trips, but I know I bring along too much stuff.  I downsize periodically, but things just have a way of finding their way back into the crate.



haha yeah def. a lesson learned. well long story short, i was kayaking the ocmulgee and forgot to call for the discharge time for the dam. right when i got to the roughest part, normally a class II, the discharged water caught up and i went over a pretty rough drop off. i got pinned against a rock and the water flooded my kayak (sit inside type). it filled up i jumped out and itrolled over another drop, lost a bunch of gear, about 300 dollars worth. my buddy was there with me and he grabbed my yak but he couldnt paddle against the curent and still hold the rope attatched to my yak so i swam to a rock and watched him float away. i sat for a second to catch my breath and started making my way down the rapids, the deepest spot was about 5 ft so i floated, crawled and swam almost a mile down the river until i caught up with him where he had grabbed ahold of a tree...yeah def dont want that to happen again!




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