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I retired the end of January and my wife bought me a kayak to celebrate. I'm now the proud owner of a wilderness systems pungo 140. Actually been out 3 times, when the temp was above 60, and love it. I've canoed for over 40 years but this is the first time I've ever been in a kayak. I've added rod holders and an anchor and will be out fly fishing this afternoon (depending on the temperature). I don't expect any fish to bite but I'm going to have fun. I don't expect my fishing boat to get much use this year. I'll post some pictures as soon as I can get my wife to take some. She's also interested in kayaking.

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Congratulations on the retirement and also on the new kayak! I'm looking forward to some pics of your first catch in your new yak. Have fun!
Congrats on the retirement and the new kayak. I'm sure you'll love it. I see you're in GA, that's a nice area of the country. You probably have some big bass and maybe even a gar or two there. Post up some pictures when you get them and if you have any questions, post them up. This group isn't big, but we're pretty knowledgeable when it comes to kayak fishing.

Been out in the kayak 8 or 10 times and just love it. Haven't caught any fish yet, but haven't tried to hard. Still just having fun.

One ol-boy in his decked out bass boat fishing for crappie with what looked like 35 or 40 rods watched me paddle and fish until I got close to him then said 'That looks like fun. Maybe I need to rethink how I fish." I just smiled and said it's good exercise and at the same time relaxing and I can go up all the small streams I've been missing for years. We talked for 30 minutes about kayaking and fishing and I think he may give it a try.

Dan good luck with your boat and your retirement. I'm sure youre going to have alot of fun! I have wanted a kayak for about 5 years now, just to get away from fighting for a place to trout fish on shore. My wife decided she wanted to go so I got a tandem that can convert to a single. I just got mine a few weeks ago. This was our first trip out ever in a kayak we had a blast.




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