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I'm considering a trip back home to Arizona this summer and there is a lake near Flagstaff that is supposed to hold some northern pike. I have some old lures I inherited from my grandparents who used to fish for pike there, but any other suggestions on lures and tackle? A northern pike is pretty high on my list of fish to catch from the kayak.

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Hey good luck with fishing for Northern Pike, I never fished out of my new Kayak, or even pattled it yet, but I'm taking it to Canada on the first to try it out!
Well, I couldn't make the trip this year, but for future reference, what kind of lures/tackle do you use? Any tips on habitat or technique?
I have a buddy who only fishes for muskie and Norther pike. I talked to him last month about this same thing.

Pretty heavy rods, he said he uses catfish type rods.
Steel leaders
Top water Rapala or cout down Rapala (Large)
Rooster Tail Spinners (Large)
Spoons (Large)

He mainly trolls weed beds that are near dop offs, but it all depends on what time of year.

Hope this helps.

That does help. Thank you, I have most of the equipment, I'll give that a try next time I go back.
How big are the pike in that lake?
I'd use black, white, yellow spinnerbaits
Spoons - Williams(whitefish), Daredevil, 5 of diamonds
big tube jigs and bucktail jigs
large spinners and bucktail spinners

we fish Lake Huron, Lake Ontario and Georgian Bay for pike just after ice-off(April) and again after mid Sept to freeze-up(Dec)
The cool part about fishing Lake Ontario is that you catch the biggest pike right along the Harbourfront in downtown Toronto. They tend to be 8-20lbs consistently in the Fall and 6-12 in spring. 30lbs is not uncommon, but a little disturbing with frozen hands and you are attempting to remove treble hooks.

here's a 38" caught in Lake Huron last April


Good luck, let us know how you make out!
That's an awesome fish you've got. As to the size, I really don't know. I grew up there and heard about them but never caught one. Nowadays I live 1200 miles away and fish mostly saltwater, but was hoping to maybe get on some pike next time I go back to visit. Thanks for the tips, I'm planning on bringing the kayaks next time I go back and I guess some spinnerbaits too!
Another suggestion for northern's is buzzbaits. Try to find weedbeds and buzz right over the top.It works well for me. Good luck!




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