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I am new to this site, and have a couple questions in regards to buying a kayak.  I dont really have any experience, but I work in an outdoor store and would like to gain some more knowledge and another spring/summer/fall activity.  My question is this: What kayak should i buy?

That being said, I intend to fish out of it, but also take weekend trips with it.  I want to fish the Deleware river, paddle the Deleware, as well as fish the Shark River in NJ, and take it out on some local lakes.  I am going to buy an Old Town because I can get an awesome deal on them, as well as being a pretty good company, I think?  Should I buy the Dirigo 120 Angler or the Dirigo 106 Angler? or, is the angler feature unnecessary?  Any input would be appreciated. Thank you. 

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I wouldn't choose either, but I'm partial to sit on tops since I use mine almost exclusively for fishing.  Since you have access, you should sit in both to make sure they are comfortable and then add your weight to the weight of the kayak and the gear you expect to take and compare that to the weight capacity of the kayak.  Be conservative and leave yourself some wiggle room here - i.e. if the weight of yourself + kayak + gear = 325 lbs and the max capacity of the kayak is 350 lbs, I'd start looking for something else.


Consider also the size of the water you expect to be paddling on.  12 foot is a good compromise, but if most of your paddling will be on bigger water such as large lakes and bays, go with something along the lines of 14 feet.  If it's small ponds, go with something along the lines of 10-11 feet.


Angler package is not worth it in my opinion.  Typically it includes rod holders which may or may not be placed where they are most convenient for you.  I'd say buy the rod holders separately and install them where you need them.  It's also slightly cheaper that way and you can choose which type of rod holders you prefer.


Here's a link to an article you may find helpful:  Choosing a kayak for fishing


i have a 10 ftr that i bought fully equipt.the pole holders are where i want them.the only thing besides the crate i had to install was gps & gopro camera.i fish the small lakes & river access's in s.ill. & mo.if your going on big water you want a longer yak.a small one like mine is perfect for small water.its purely a personal choice.as long as you are happy with your choice....i do reccomend 2 items..a comfortable seat & a good paddle...those will make all the dif. in the world
thank you rick! that is sound advise, and i will consider it. the link also helped a lot. thank you
if your going to fish out of it..its less work to buy a yak set up for fishing,then modify it for trip..mine is set up for fishing & im grateful that i bought it that way..most of the fishing gear for it i already had..if you have a fishing yak..dont go out on water without poles & stuff




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