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Hi there,

Last summer, as we circumnavigated Philip Edward Island, we camped on Rattle Island, along (West or East) Desjardin Bay, on Hinks Island, in Mill Lake Bay then back to western edge of Philip Island (near Rattle Island). See Georgian Bay - Philip Edwards Island for more details.

We're planning on going back to this area again this summer and would like your comments, suggestions, information, photographs, etc...particularly regarding the following islands in terms of the view, geology, ease of putting in/out and the quality of campsites:

Starting 1 to 3 miles East of Rattle Island:

- Crab Island
- Le Hayes Island
- Solomon Island
- Low Island
- Blockbuster Island, with two apparently excellent viewpoints

then along a 1 to 2 miles stretch South-West:

- Fox Islands (East, Center, Sly and West)
- Martins Island
- Hawk Islands (Northeast, Middle and Southwest), with apparently interesting pressure forms in the rocks
- Green Island (not to be confused with island with same name in Mink & McCoy area)

Then about 2 miles farther west:

- Scarecrow Island

As far as I can tell, there is one, maybe two private island(s) in this area (Lowe Island and a small unnamed island directly west of it).

Any information would be greatly appreciated as we start planning this expedition.


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It sounds like you may over-plan your trips. We just get in the kayak and go... and we always end up somewhere beautiful.

Over several trips we have camped on the Hawk and the Fox islands (as well as at Big Rock Portage and several other places on PEI), and like you have circumnavigated PEI. Have been to Scarecrow... no one lives there... very pretty with many wildflowers. Have also been to Portage island, which is much larger and more forested. Make sure you have a lot of good weather ahead of you if you venture to Portage and Scarecrow. Both of these are far out beyond the Hawks (which themselves are 3 km. from the southwest shore of PEI). Neither of these islands is granite, as are the Hawks and Foxes and PEI itself. Portage has many fossels on its western limestone beaches.

As you must realize, having been there, the Fox Islands are much more accessible (much closer to PEI)and are red granite and quite beautiful but you may end up sharing one with other kayakers. The Hawks are beautiful too and do have remarkable rock shapes and a modicum of snakes (though they appeared to be water snakes, rather than rattlers). But it can be a long, wavy paddle back to the shelter of PEI when the wind picks up, even moderately. I like the Hawks but it can be hard to find a level place to camp. There is one site on the northwestern shore, but if you have any west wind at all, loading and launching a kayak from it is murder.
If you want to chat more, drop me an email at gposeur@hotmail.com
Sorry, when I said Potage Island in my reply, I meant Green Island.
You're absolutely right, I probably over-plan my trips sometimes...for a number of reasons: I enjoy planning for a trip, it's part of the adventure; I'd rather see the best spots instead of missing them; I'm somewhat of a planner by trade also :-)

The information you've provide is exactly what I wanted, much appreciated.

Just got back tonight from another great trip to Georgian Bay. This time, we spent 3-days & 3-nights, came back a early due to rain & storms forecasted on the last day. This time, we camped on Etches, North East Hawk and West Fox islands. Funny enough, we weren't able to find a level campsite on the Hawk island, just like Northwaters had mentionned.

Thanks to everyone who provided updates by replying to this post or via e-mails.

Pictures and blog updates to follow shortly.
Marc, glad to hear you had such a successful trip.

Have not yet done my annual GB trek, and may not this year (off to The Galapagos instead.)

Where is Etches?

Just to orient my other question, when you say North East Hawk, I believe that is ne of the smaller, Hawks, i.e., not the largest of the Hawks, with the flat-topped hill with a zillion seagulls? Or am I getting that wrong? Anyway, here is the question: If you did camp on the largest of the Hawks, where did you end up raising your tent?
Etches is roughly SW of Jaws & Crab islands. It's the outermost island in that general area. The UTM coordinates (1000m Zone 17, NAD 27) are 702907.

On my PEI map from Chrismar, North East Hawk is that largest of the Hawk islands and the closest one to PEI also. It's roughly shaped like an upside-down "Y" on the map. The smaller islands are shown as "Middle Hawk" (you can guess where that one is) and "Southwest Hawk" (near Green Island).

We saw three bays on the North East Hawk island:

- On the NW side, sounds like that's where you've been. We couldn't land there because of the waves and large boulders everywhere. Later, we spotted two campsites up the hill from there.

- On the SE side, very exposed to the winds-waves, didn't bother trying to stop there

- On the NE side, large bay including small sandy beach. We landed at the northern most tip of the islands. From here we had access to only one fairly slanted campsite on the point, or the option of walking around the island to reach the 2 sites accessible from the NW bay.
Blog updated with details and lots of pictures of our expedition on Georgian Bay last week.

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