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Does anyone have any experience with the paddle in the picture below? It's a Mitchell Seawind. Anything good, bad, or indifferent to say about it? I won it recently and was wondering how it might hold up to normal use? How about extreme use? Or should I keep it as a wall-hanging?


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Mitchell makes awesome, though expensive, paddles. I've not used that exact one, but I've used other similar ones. They have an awesome feel in the water.

I've long lusted after the mitchell WW paddle with carbon fiber blades and a wood shaft. But at $450, it's a bit spendy.
And wood paddles like this hold up far, far better than you'd expect.

Ok, I'll try it out soon. Thanks.
Tried it out last night. It took a few minutes to get used to it - it seemed to have some flutter, but after a while that went away. It is a loud paddle, it makes a slight straining sound that translates through the shaft and is not easy to take the blade from the water without making noise. I did have it on some mud and oyster and no scratches or dents.

I think this one's a little too short for me though. I'm going to relegate it to a wall hanging, and keep using the camano, but overall the Mitchell is a pretty good paddle.




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