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Can anyone recommend some lightweight mesh type gloves for paddling?

I Googled it but all the ones I see look kinda heavy and hot to wear.

I have problems after paddling for a while with a soreness in the little stretch of skin between my thumb and finger , thought maybe a pair of gloves would alleviate that.

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Have you looked at these?

REI Paddling Gloves
I do a lot of catamaran sailing and I find the gear I use for sailing is a great cross-over to kayaking. I use my leather sailing gloves (half-finger) while kayaking. They are comfortable and they provide great protection. Take a look at gloves by Harken, Gill and Magic Marine.
I cheat, I use road bike gloves that have mesh top and a leather padded palm. they work well and they also have a terry cloth material on the thumbs for wiping sweat off foreheads or what ever else works. most of all they cost 35 dollars.
I get that same spot. the secret is to paddle more! Eventually you'll get a callous!
Super easy answer! I was using neoprene dive gloves, but have switched to water sports gloves (that you'd wear when holding a line for water skiing, etc) or equally durable and versatile, unpadded mountain biking gloves (full finger).
I really dont like to wear gloves, especially in the Florida summers when it gets so hot, so I bought some

Yakgrips paddle grips and , no more sour hands =)
I'm a big fan of SnapDragon pogies, but I have used thin Seirus gloves on really cold days
I use bike gloves as well, the kind that are cloth with 1/2 fingers work really well.




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