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hi all, im brand new to the sport and just in the selection phase. i live in alaska and i want a kayak that will be mostly used in bays and bigger water but there are many rivers here too.


any recommendations for a type of kayak? im not going to be racing or anything but i wanna be able to cover some distance in the bays (there is a lot to see) and i may want to put it in the rivers sometimes and i would still like to be able to get around. thoughts?


thanks in advance

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I think you need to contact the nearest kayak rental or purchase place (if there is one) many places especially rental places will allow you to test kayaks before you buy. You might even try and find a group in your area, and let them know you are in the market. Talk to as many people as possible about what they like and what they dont like about certain models, then try them out for yourself. The more you try them the less you will have buyers remorse. Good luck in your search




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