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Does anyone own a kayak rental business that would be willing to share some tips and tricks with me?

Thanks in advance

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Been a while since you posted.  Still looking for hints about a kayak rental business ?  I have ten years experience.



I sure would Dave, anything can help I'm sure. 


Thank you

Don't know where to start... What are you looking for?

Any tips on marketing to groups, like Boy Scouts, church groups, etc.?



Tough one.  I've found that the Scouts usually do their own thing, using their own equipment and folks.   I had/have a special page on my website that targets groups, special rates, etc. and got some amount of response by group leaders. I also got hooked up with some local organizations that did marine education and summer camps that started offering kayak tours as a special option for their participants.  I didn't put a whole lot of effort into the groups as my business was more targeted at the tourist/visitor.

I'm taking over a location that has rented to tourist for a number of years but they have only been open a few months out of the year with no marketing and did very well.

I want to extend my season to 6 months or more. The advantage I have with Scouts is I am an Eagle Scout and can sign off on merit badge requirements (canoeing, camping, etc.). 

I've already offered kayaks to boys and girls club events and a local festival kayak race for those who do not own a boat or do not have it with them. 

Do you see value in the time spent seeking groups or should I focus more energy on the family rentals?


Thanks for your input Dave. - Justin

I don't know your particular situation.  Like you said, if you can extend your season with groups, it seems reasonable that an investment in marketing to that segment can pay dividends.  My business is open 12 months, so the groups are always welcome additions.  The issue for me is that the groups tended to show up around the same time as everyone else.    Would have real nice if they showed in the off-season.  :)

True, I do not have enough boats for two or three large groups at once. I hope to market and have them scheduled rentals for groups (guided tours, camping trips, etc.). We will see....






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