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Just curious, what are peoples current fleet? How often do you buy/sell boats?

My fleet seems in near constant flux, with a few favorites that stick around. Always seeking the perfect quiver. What role do the boats play? (Conditions, loaner boat, SO's boat, etc) Curious what people have and how often it changes.

I'll post mine later.

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Oh, and what would you add with say $3-5K to spend and no space/garage restrictions?
My fleet just increases. The T-160 is my main ride. It catches a lot of fish and does well on distances and heavy weather. The old T-140 is pretty much relegated to wife/visitor duty, but I still take it out when I know I'm going to be in tight places. My wife has adopted and renamed the T-140. It's new name is "Oliver". The Search-15 I'm storing for a friend is also a backup boat. The Guillemot I started building is wall/ceiling art. I'm not allowed to work on it at the moment.

For an extra 3-5K, I'd probably get one of those fast fishing skis they use in South Africa, like a Kaskazi Dorado. Maybe a sit-in too. Or just a tandem so I could get a kayak chauffer and save myself some paddling.
I use a Kaskazi Dorado ll, for offshore fishing.
I use a Cobra Expedition for fishing the ICW and flats covering long distances.
I have a New Zealand made Ocean Kayak "Sprinter", that I fish from occaisionally, and use for training and fitness.

I also have a Malibu Mini-X, that I use for freshwater fishing in my backyard.
An Emotion Mojo, that's basically used as a loaner for visiting company.

Another 3 to 5k would buy me a Fenn Surfski, and a couple more Kaskazi's.




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