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"These boats are forgiving enough for a huge rapid's cross-currents or your first peel-out. The hull is playful enough to throw massive air on the waves New River Dries, or to get your first spin in the smallest hole or wave. The Fun series represents the perfect affordable way to enjoy kayaking downriver or playboating! "

This is an awesome river running playboat. Super fun, super confident, super fast. It is used, but in good condition with many years of use left. Don't buy some ridiculously overpriced whitewater kayak here that you will want to replace in 4 months, start with a current, popular design. Jackson is a 5 year old company, but due to incredible designs has risen to the top of the kayak world.




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Sold! But I still have the Airhead for sale if you are looking for a "big guy" playboat!




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