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I've been paddling rivers in Eastern NC for past 3 yrs, mostly class 1-2 and a few 3 rapids.
I have a Wilderness Tsumani 12.5' kayak that I use on all rivers. I am interested in learning to paddle class 3-4 rapids.  Been thinking about buying a crossover kayak that would be good for handling rapids as well as longer stretches of flat water.  

Anyone have any suggestions?

Louise Miller

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Class III-IV rapids are starting to get into real whitewater. There a few boats being made now that do well in that kind of water, and still paddle reasonably quickly. I'd look into the Liquid Logic Remix series. There are others, but that happens to be the one I have a little experience with.

What do you think about the Liquid Logic Remix XP10 for class 3 &4
I haven't paddled it, but it looks sweet, and in the hands of a good paddler should be more than competent. I know guys have run some big stuff in it.

I'd love to have one in my fleet.

Just know that it's a big jump from class 2-3, to class IV, regardless of the boat. Take your time, and paddle lots and lots of class III before you get into class IV.

I have paddled the XP10 several times now and find it to be a competent whitewater boat. I  take it on class III without hesitation and have fun.  It's nice to be able to take one boat on a trip and do both flatwater and whitewater.
I think the Remix XP 10 looks like a good kayak for your type of paddling.
I think the remix XP 9 would be a good kayak for your type of paddling.
I’ve been paddling rivers in a 12.5’ kayak and would like to start paddling more rivers with white water so I’m thinking about buying a crossover kayak. I’ve been look at the Liquidlogic remix xp10 and the Pyranna fusion. Could anyone give me some feedback on these kayaks?




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