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Can you use car wax on a fiberglass kyak   Other than soap and water is there anthing else you can do

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You certainly can use car wax.  it won't hurt anything.   Are you trying ot make an old boat look new, or simply preserve a new boat? 




Smartwax is both environmentally friendly AND made in the USA.


A double win!


c f. http://www.smartwax.com/



Use 303 aerospace protectant it will shine, uv protect, and keep the hull material from breaking down

I read you can use 303 on the plastic kayak models

I have not done this myself.

Not sure how this discussion came about, but to add to this, I use the ordinary automotive type "Armour All" to wipe down my polyethylene kayaks. It takes all the dirt and smears off - even the "residue / water line". It protects & keep the surface shiny for a long time...




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