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This is the first year that my wife and I have kayaked all year round. We have had a very slight winter in Louisiana and it gave us plenty oppertunity to enjoy our kayaks all year.

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Jealous! lol good for you

Same here. I live just outside of Philly PA. Although I just bought my kayak last June. I've been Kayaking almost every weekend with a few exceptions. This mild winter has been great for us kayakers. It's always funny when I drive up to the dock at Lake Nockamixon (my home turf Paddle area) and people see my kayak and walk over always with comments like "gee...I hope you have long underwear on" or "are you really going out there?"...lol makes me laugh. Only had one weekend where ice was an issue, but to tell you the truth....I'm glad I'm starting to see new budding on the trees. Ready for that new Spring green again.




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