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Hello there. I am a new member and I would like to ask your opinion if my 9 year old kid is old enough to have his own Nomad (Feel Free Kayak) just like what I have or I will buy a tandem kayak - Gemini.

Hope to hear from you guys.

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I think we had another discussion about kids and kayaks somewhere on this site. I am not familiar with the Nomad (other than the creek boat made by Dagger of the same name), but you certainly can kayak with a 9 year old. My son is 9 and my daughter is 7 and they each started in their own boats last year. They are in Prijon Flippers and I would advise you to get a kid sized boat and paddle rather than putting a child in an adult sized boat as the hulls are often too wide to allow them to paddle easily. I have some shots of my kids in their boats on Lake Tahoe in an album on my page.
Have fun
I'd agree with Dan, and make one other comment. Some of it depends what you want to do. I used to do a lot of guiding, and depending on the kids, they can get tired fast. If you want to have fun, poke around, explore, etc, I think kids gain a lot from being a little more independent, and I think that's important.

If you have concerns of going long distance and covering ground, or are the type to really push the kid to keep up with adults, they can get tired and stop having fun in a hurry. That might be better to have a tandem.

Thanks for the reply. I did find the discussion you guys mentioned. It was of great help. Unfortunately, we have limited choices here merely adult kayaks are available. The three-hour route i usually take every Sunday is a down river and the other half, is sea paddling. I guess I have to modify my route with him around. I will surely aid my son's interest in kayaking. Hopefully, he can join me soon. We are contemplating on the Gemini tandem. Thanks again, Dan and Geoff for the informative reply.
I am building a skin on frame kayak for my 22 month old girl. It will have training floats. 9 is plenty old to solo kayak. Just remember they need a PFD and need to be able to be comfortable in the water with it. Also at 9 they will not have the endurance that you do.




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