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Where did you paddle this year 2008?

*Okanagan Lake Almost daily since March 9th 2008

*Ellison Lake aka: Duck LakeOnce

*Vaseux LakeTwice

*Oyama LakeOnce

*Skaha Lake Twice

*Osoyoos Lake Once

** Click on Lake Name for a map.

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I typically go every few days to a different location nearby. This year, I've gone to:

East Galveston Bay
Stingaree Marsh
West Galveston Bay - various locations
Upper Galveston Bay
Texas City
Cedar Lakes
Horsepen Bayou
Armand Bayou
Christmas Bay
Drum Bay
Swan Lake
Jones Lake
Tiki Island
Highland Bayou
Salt Lake (Texas, not Utah)

All within a 70 mile drive, most within a 40 mile drive.

I'm sure I've forgotten a few.
Which is your favorite?
Do you have any maplinks or coordinates to the lakes? I live in Canada and don't know your area. I found East Galveston Bay. Wow, that is almost Mexico.

That's a lot of lakes!
Tiki Island is interesting. It reminds me of a Furn. Is it man made? I googled it.

I would think everyone and their dog would have a boat there, but I didn't see any in the google view.

Yep, Tiki is a man-made subdivision. Many of the homeowners don't like kayakers in there, but since it's classified as navigable water they can't ban us and as long as we're quiet and polite, most will put up with us.

Everyone and their dog does have a boat in there. They all have boathouses hanging over the water. You can see them on Google Earth.

My favorite was Stingaree Marsh. Going to be a while before I can get back there due to the hurricane.

Here are some links:



And a map of the general area:


And, your area of Canada is really nice. I really enjoyed it last time I was up that way.

The thing I like most about this area is the quiet seclusion you can find in 15 minutes from the citys.

To link to a word
1) take your mouse and highlight the word you want to link
2) then click the "chain link" icon beside the photo icon
3) and paste the link in the little popup box provided.

be a good idea to first copy the link to your clipboard. =)

I did a search on Google Map for Stingaree Marsh and didn't come up with a good map pinpoint did you have one for it or even GPS waypoint? Didn't see it on the map pics you sent.

Hey let me know when you plan another trip to this area, be nice to kayak with you, I will try and keep up with you!

Here is a link to my Kayaking Logbook have a look. I have Pics/Maps and GPS info of all the places I have kayaked to around here.

Hey Guy,

Stingaree Marsh really doesn't have a name. That is the name that everyone here knows it as. It is really a marsh off the intracoastal waterway near Stingaree marina and restaurant. It is on the Bolivar Peninsula in the town of Crystal Beach. The town isn't there anymore, since the hurricane a few weeks ago, but the marsh looks like it will be ok. The town of Gilchrist also disappeared. There are still several hundred people missing, so they aren't letting many people on the peninsula now and won't for quite a while.

Stingaree Marsh on either side of Stingaree Dr.


Sorry to hear about the hurricane, must be hard to handle for a lot of people there. We don't have hurricanes here but we do have the occasional wind storms here. Lost a lot of trees on the beach and a few around town earlier this summer. But no one that I know of was hurt. There were a few that fell on and crushed houses and vehicles.

My prayers go out to them!

I see you have the linking figured out, it's handy! :)

Yeah, it would be neat to kayak up north with someone. So definitely keep in touch. And if you're ever down here and feel the need to see an alligator on a face to face basis, let me know and we'll visit some marshes or bayous nearby.

Most of my trips to Canada have been to Toronto for work, but I made it up there to BC the year before last just for a vacation.
alligator on a face to face basis,

That would be cool! :)

We will keep in touch!

1 st year Kayaker,

Channel Islands
South Fork American Coloma to Greenwood
South Fork American The Gorge
Folsom Lake
Lower American River
I bought my 1st kayak early last summer (June 07) myself and my life has never been the same since! Liked it so much I bought a couple more over the winter. I have a nice Tandem "Vie II" that I use for solo kayak camping.

Cool! Sacramento, I used to listen to KFBK Sacramento radio every night when I was growing up, my favorite was the old time radio shows "the shadow" Is that station still up and running? Do they still have that Double-Bleep sound they would broadcast every 15mins? I had a long antenna wire that I had attached to an old tube AM radio. Sorry.. a bit off topic.. ;-)

I will have to have a look on google for the places you posted!

KFBK AM1530 is still broadcasting News Talk Radio.
C to G= ClassII
The Gorge= ClassIII
Channel Islands= South West of Santa Barbraba
Lower American= Class I
I agree totally addicting. I dont have a boat yet, but have been trying different craft. Problem-I think I like all of them so far...




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