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Just another reason to be careful out there.  I'm glad and a little amazed that they are ok.


100 Shots Fired at Kayakers

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WOW! A miracle they were not hit for sure. What a blessing neither of them were harmed. The Lord truly was their hedge around them in the dark.
The stupidity of some people is beyond reason or understanding.
I thought water ways were public access points in this country? Am I mistaken? The article mentions that to be in that river was trespassing, but I was under the impression that travel on water ways was a public right...Please inform.
Most waterways are public, but not all. I can think of several lakes that are closed to kayaking, some wetlands, and most every river than runs through Los Angeles.
Here in Texas, if it is considered a navigable waterway it's public even if you can't access it from land due to private property. This is why we're able to fish docks at night in private subdivisions. There's some discussion on another board if this place is a navigable waterway, looks like it might be.
Except every river that runs through L.A. is a cemented channel.
Aww...the joys of kayaking the urban tundra.
The guys firing must have been drunk, unable to see, or terrible shots. Or not trying to actually hit them.

Based on the location of this event, and this is pure speculation on my part, but I can't help but wonder if the kayakers had run across some drug dealers who assumed they were getting a little too close for their comfort.
I wondered that too. Or, even a pot farm or something. Kayaking in California, on remote WW rivers, I've seen some incredibly remote, yet sophisticated irrigation systems. I paddle quickly past them.




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